Language trip to Ireland

On 13th October the seventh classes of ORG and their English teachers went on a 10-day language trip to Ireland to primarily improve their language skills but also to learn more about the Irish culture.
The first seven days were spent in Galway where the students stayed at host families and visited a language school in the morning. Afterwards trips to places such as Galway Aquarium took place. The students also had the possibility to enjoy the beautiful Cliffs of Moher. In addition to these cultural trips also fun activities such as a treasure hunt and escape rooms were done. After the trips students always had free time to explore life in an Irish city on their own.
The last few days of the language trip took place in Dublin where the students took part in a guided tour around Dublin City and trips to historical sites such as Dublin Castle were made.
On 22nd October everyone returned safely to Austria. We had lots of fun, improved our grammar skills, increased our vocabulary range and made new experiences and friendships.
Manuel Nährer, 7b ORG